01 July, 2008

Ok, I think I've been sick long enough now

I'm feeling better- really I am. I haven't coughed or sneezed for about twenty minutes now and when put into comparison with the last few days- it seems an eon. It might have something to do with the cold relief drugs I've been taking, but I'm putting it down to my body's fightback against my first cold for a considerable length of time.

Not feeling good enough to ride this morning but I just might be able to slip in a short ride late this afternoon and hopefully be well enough to get out tomorrow. I feel like I've been robbed of several perfectly good opportunities to get back on the bike and just revel in what cycling is all about.

Instead of the breeze in my face, it's a wheeze in my chest and the well-earned sweat from a good strong effort is replaced by a cold, clammy, fever-induced sensation that you just can't seem to shake no matter how many layers you put on or how many blankets are on the bed.

I drove Dee to the airport this morning- she's working in Cairns for the rest of the week so probably no cycling for her either until our Saturday coffee ride. I'm hoping she doesn't end up with this cold but I gotta say I don't like the chances.

On the way home from the airport I passed several groups and thought how good it would have been to be out this morning- beautiful sunrise, temperature around 15C and not a breath of wind.

Thought I might login with my work issued laptop and catch up on a few things and I'll take it as a sign that I'm sick and shouldn't be working as the three methods at my disposal of connecting to the corporate system have failed:

1. Broadband connection- password failed. And I did log a call with our Help Desk staff to have it reset. That was just after 8:00 this morning and I'm still waiting for my call to be returned.

2. Wireless modem connection- incorrect configuration. Even though I had been assured previously by staff that it was configured and ready to go.

3. Trusty old dial-up..."The modem you are trying to connect to did not respond"- or words to that effect and all subsequent attempts returned an engaged message.

I just wasn't meant to do any work today- I mean aside from working at getting better. Maybe some chicken soup for lunch.........

Oh, and it's Tuesday 1 July here in Oz already so "Happy Canada Day" to all of the Canucks out there..

Ride safe

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