08 July, 2008

3 Stages down....

3 days down in the TdF and no big surprises yet (at least not for me). Looking forward to tonight's time trial- should separate a few sheep from goats.

Personally I have been absolutely dismal in getting out on the road. I woke this morning at the first beep of my alarm, jumped out of bed to the sound of.....rain. Now, it usually doesn't rain in Townsville during the winter. Add that to the fact I'm just coming off a really miserable cold and you may have an inkling as to why I crawled back in the sack and spooned for another two hours. I just don't want to be sick anymore.

So I have every intention of hitting the road tomorrow morning. The video recorder is set for tonight's TT- so no excuses like "I stayed up too late watching the Tour" and given the fact that I haven't even done 100 km in either of the last two weeks, I better haul my butt tomorrow.

Oh yeah, the labour dispute that fronted during the broadcast of Stage III, reminded me that our company is currently in negotiation to renew our collective agreement. Our last agreement expired in February and negotiations have been somewhat painful with neither side willing to give quarter. COuld be a somewhat painful process.

Stay safe on the roads

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