14 February, 2010

"We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because" ....

....we are cyclists. With those few words from JFK resonating through the caverns of my skull, I was at the start line for today's 10km TT (Time Trial for non-cyclists who may be reading). I missed last year's season-starting TT due to illness- the first of several respiratory infections that would act like a fire blanket on my race season.

I didn't know if I was going to make this one either- one of my fellow employees figures the company just cannot function without her and so after catching a bacterial infection that one her kids brought home from pre-school, she decided to share with the rest of us. WTF is with these people? You have sick leave for a reason.....stay home and spare the rest of us your sniffling and sneezing and germs. Wednesday (my second day this week where I could not attend work due to illness) I went to the doc's and got put on antibiotics to try and combat the throat infection. It had got to the point where swallowing was almost unbearable- my tonsils were inflamed and the glands in my neck were very swollen- no fun and no riding.

Saturday morning and I had to stop the medication-my gut was in such a state of discomfort that I put a halt to the pills. I have been eating yogurt and drinking fermented yogurt (it actually tastes much better than I ever dreamed) to try and restore some good bacteria. Seems the antibiotic must have been very enthusiastic.

We did the coffee ride yesterday- a bit over 55km and felt pretty good so decided to give the TT a go this morning.

The morning was "coolish"- if you can call 25C and 96% humidity cool. I guess it's all relative to what we have been experiencing of late. We had a good shower in the early hours of the morning and with the overcast conditions, things didn't heat up as quickly as they usually do. Registration took place at 6:30am and the first starters were off the line at 7:00 on 30 second intervals- with a light shower and the rumble of thunder just offshore.

The start was not done by grade but by registration- first in got number 1 and so on. I was 23 and had 3 A graders immediately behind me. I think the first one overtook me before I was a km down the road....
Anyway- out and back- 10km in 18 minutes and change. Still waiting for the club to post the results on the website but no matter what the "official" time is, it will be ever so much better than last year's result.

Cheer- ride safe