05 July, 2008

TdF '08 Bring it on!!

Ok- only 5 hours until Stage 1 in Brest and I'm ready for it. Live broadcasts start here at 10:00pm so it really makes for 3 hard weeks of watching le Tour and then getting up at 04:30am for my regular daily ride. There may just be a few nights when the video recorder gets set-up.

Things are also looking better in the health stakes- the cold has loosened its grip and allowed me to make our regular Saturday coffee ride this morning. I gotta confess it was a bit colder than I like.....10C which is probably better than a winter morning in Nova Scotia. Oh yeah- couldn't find my arm warmers could I?

And it had to happen.......I'd been speaking to some mates earlier in the week about the good run I've been having as far as flats go. I had put a set of Michelins on in April and hadn't had a flat since, but today was the day. Interestingly enough, there was a piece of glass and a sliver of metal embedded in the tyre not more than 1 cm apart. The metal was near the centre and the glass was toward the rim in the same spot- not further around the tyre- I just happened to find the glass by chance as I changed my grip on the tyre to remove the metal. (I guess my luck hasn't deserted me after all)

Looks like tomorrow is going to be a day for MTBs. With the Paluma Push only a fortnight away, I better get some k's on those big fat knobby's. (Or it could be a ride to the dam in the morning and MTB in the afternoon). And it looks like our team is down one for the Push. Dee has a conference on the Gold Coast and isn't scheduled to get back in time for the ride. (means she also is going to miss the TdF soirée taking place Chez Renault. C'est dommage!!)

Ride safe

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