31 July, 2008

50 Years minus 1 day and counting

I don't feel any different yet. I know my legs are a bit sore after yesterday's 100km effort and then this morning's ride- we were doing 35+ within the first 5 minutes of leaving.

The big discussion this evening has been, "What do you want to have for your birthday dinner tomorrow?" Crikey!! I don't know....is it my last meal ever?

I guess you only get one 50th birthday so I should think about this. Balinese pork satay with peanut sauce, gado-gado (steamed vegetables), nasi goreng or coconut rice. Maybe with "Black Forest cake" for dessert. The other possibility that comes to mind is one of the local butcher's Texas T-Bones; a large bone-in rib steak; about 2" thick on the bar-b-q.

Saturday I'm thinking of having a "few" of the cycling gang around for my version of "Fatty's" beer-boiled brats with a few cleansing ales or maybe sparkling grape in the methode champagnoise.

Anyway- gotta run. Big game of cribbage about to break out with the rellies. Dee and I are ahead 3 games to nil after last night's effort,

Cheers, ride safe

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