22 July, 2008


Ok- it's all over. For any of you who have been hiding under a mass of roots somewhere waiting for Frodo and Sam-Wise GamGee to come by- World Youth Day in Sydney has finally drawn to a close and 250k Pilgrims(!!!) and Pope Benny have made their way out of the Land of Oz and back to their homes.

I have to say that there has been more media coverage here on WYD than there was during the "Shock and Awe" campaign to relieve Saddam of his WMDs. I mean you couldn't turn on the television without being inundated with reports of activities associated with WYD. Don't these people know the TdF is on?

But best of all is MBD which is My Birthday- fast approaching next week. Now I happen to be hitting the half-century mark this year and instead of pining for a sports car or a boat, I happened to cast my eye on a new bike. Dee, my beloved wife and partner, bought me the bike I desired- a Specialized Tarmac Pro.

I collected it last weekend and did manage to get one ride in before the weather turned to absolute crap. And the verdict was "Shweet!!" I am just waiting for the weather to come good again so I can get back on the road and enjoy the new beast. We're going through some really unseasonable weather this year. Usually we have crisp cool nights and dry sunny days with temps around 28C and blue skies forever. Perfect cycling weather....this week however has been somewhat less than ideal- rain, cold temps and more rain have come together to make the mornings unfavourable for hitting the roads. Great for the gardens but lousy for getting in some serious km's on the new wheels.

Maybe tomorrow.....if not, then maybe Thursday (or Friday, or Saturday) and next week I'm on leave so I'll be able to have my early morning rides and stick around for a coffee too- bonus!! And I might just put the Slick-a-saurus tyres back on the MTB and do a turn or two on the roads on the Jamis. It really freaks some people out to see an MTB doing 35 down the roads.....

Ride safe

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