02 July, 2008

State of Origin

Wednesday and I'm still not back on the bike but I have great hope that I'll be out for a ride tomorrow morning. For tonight, I'll just have to settle back and watch "State of Origin III".

This is a peculiarly Australian phenomenon as far as I can tell. The game of Rugby League is played predominantly in New South Wales and Queensland and every year a three-game series is held between the two states with the teams being made up of professional players who have played their junior rugby in one of the two states.

It's sort of like the All Star games in the NBA, NHL and MLB only you can actually have teammates facing each other based on where they played there junior rugby. As they say, "It's State against State, Mate against Mate." The passion for this series runs deep amongst league fans and all I can say is you really have to see it to believe it.

I getter get back to the television- I can hear cheers coming from other houses in the neighbourhood so things must be happening. "Go Queensland!!!!"

safe riding

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