16 July, 2008

Is that rain I hear on the roof?

"Is that rain I hear on the roof?" Those were the words I heard as I made my way back to bed at 4:45 this morning- and truer words were never spoken. It was raining and had been for some time. No great tropical downpour but just a nice gentle rain- about 20 mm overnight. Enough to wash the dust off all the plants and give them a shiny finish. Oh and also enough to make an early morning ride considerably less desirable.

It could also have a slightly detrimental effect on our MTB event on Sunday- The Paluma Push. One report I heard from the race area was that there had been 25 mm on Tuesday and another 25 or so overnight and this morning so all of those nice dry tracks we'd been looking forward to will be a bit more of a challenge- oh and all of the creeks should be running too.

Methinks an extra set of clothes for a change at race end might be in order...and a portable shower and towels and ......

Dee unfortunately will be unable to ride this year's Push as she had booked for a conference down on the Gold Coast and doesn't return until Sunday afternoon. And she was so looking forward to riding that new Myka in the Push.

Anyway, I better make a move and get the meal started so I can kick back for tonights stage of the TdF. C'mon Cadel- hang on to the maillot jaune. Oh look!!! it's starting to rain again.

Ride safe

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