07 September, 2009

When I last checked in, I was painting the house. Guess what?......I'm still painting. I am getting some good early morning rides in as well- a little better than 50km each morning. And now that Dee is back from her global adventures, she has been making the early start with me as well.

Yesterday saw the end of our local road racing for the season and we ended it with a "for fun" team time trial. Teams of 3 or more with mixed grades (1x "A" or "B" grade plus 1x "C" grade plus at least 1x "D" grade). There were several social riders who came out as part of different teams to give racing a go in a non-competitive atmosphere. An added feature was that there were no bike computers allowed and no watches so nobody actually knew how they were doing. Oh and each team got to nominate the time they thought they would finish with. The team which finished closest to their nominated time won a bonus prize (a big bag of jelly snakes to share amongst the winners).

The snake winners were off of their nominated time by 20 seconds- not bad over 20km's.

Then yesterday afternoon was the closing barbecue and award presentations. Lots of fun for everyone and lots of thanks given to the volunteers who make the racing scene possible for the riders.

Okay- time to get back to the painting.

Cheers- ride safe