29 June, 2008

Well, I did ride today...

Sunday morning dawned crisp and clear but I was in no condition to race so I didn't. I had my first good lie-in in a long time and didn't drag myself out from between the sheets until about 7:30 this morning.

This cold really has a grip on me at the moment and it's dragging me down. I just couldn't stay off the bike so Dee and I headed out on the MTBs for a bit of a revisit to last Sunday's ride out through the the Town Common Environmental Park. The new Myka FSR Comp had to be broken in so what getter way to do it than a nice leisurely ride.

So off we went, me with a pocket full of tissues to accommodate my fully functioning sinuses. A nice doodle into town on the bike path along the river and then a coffee and piece of toast at the cafe before heading off to Pallarenda.

It was a most enjoyable ride- beautiful clear skies; a bit breezy and about 24C. Lots of birdlife in the wetlands along the way- pelicans, magpie geese, egrets and herons, brolgas and a few jabirus made it all worthwhile.

Dee made her way out on the new softtail- her first ride on a dual suspension bike- I think she liked it!!! Wants to go back tomorrow for another go. And you know what? So do I....

Yeah it was a bit disappointing not being able to get out there and go hard at Oak Valley- I really like racing- getting in there and giving it a go- but it was even better to see the joy and happiness of someone on a new bike.

So I'll pack my sorry butt off to bed with a nighttime decongestant so I can breathe and with a bit of luck, I'll be well enough in the morning to do it all over again.

Ride safe- BoaB

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