30 July, 2008

100 K-Day

And just like yesterday, today dawned clear and cold. 7.7C was the official temperature at the airport, add in the wind chill and it was supposed to feel like 6C. Jump on your bike and head down the road and it feels like -25C.

So we put it off for a bit- let things warm up before heading out- it's great being on leave!! Dee and I headed out around 7:30 with every intention of hitting the century mark for the day. And we did- off to the dam and a nice loop through some acreage properties and then back to the city via the bikeway, along the shore near the port and then down the Strand for a well earned coffee and quick nosh.

Then off to the beachside suburb of Pallarenda and back to the city before heading off to the Palmetum, one of the city's botanic gardens, to meet up with Dee's sister. We almost didn't make it though. As we came back through the city, a young lady thought getting into a parking lot was much more important than the wellbeing of any cyclist and proceeded to cut across my line of travel as my front wheel passed the entrance to the parking lot.

I locked it up and turned the bike sideways and managed to avoid hitting the car but I was less than impressed and decided to discuss the situation with the driver- a young lady who was driving with "P" plates meaning a "Provisional License". Upon questioning her as to what she was doing, the immediate response was, "Get off the road. You're not allowed on the roads."

I could see discussion would go nowhere even though Dee was trying to explain that "Yes, we were entitled to be on the road" so we took down the registration number of the car and advised the driver that I would be making a report to the police.

Off we went and met Carol and Bill at the Palmetum, strolled the gardens for a bit and then I headed off to the police station to make my report. It gets a bit funny here as the last time I made a report, they took all of my details plus the details of the offending vehicle and the incident. This time it was "rego number of the vehicle only"- didn't want my details or the details of any of the witnesses. Previously, the officers recording the details have asked if I was willing to go to court...today- nothing..."All I can do is call the registered owner of the vehicle and advise that a complaint has been made against someone driving that vehicle" said the officer. "And if they deny having done it then there's no sense going any further because there is no evidence to go on."

Somewhat foolishly I suggested that perhaps one of the City Council's security cameras may have recorded it and perhaps I could approach the council to see if there might be anything there. After all, the council is quick to point out at every opportunity what a great job all of the new security cameras are doing in reducing anti-social behaviour in the inner city precinct.

"No sorry. Council doesn't look at those, we do (meaning the police) and if we didn't see it happen, there's nothing we can do." "Sigh!!" I hope I get a different desk officer next time; I was really starting to feel like I was the bad guy in this scenario.

Oh and many congrats to Dee on her first 100Km day...she did it easy =8^)

Ride safe (I know I will)

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