13 July, 2008

Well I thought I was feeling better- and I definitely am. But I wouldn't go so far as to say fully recovered. Just a little bit of a cough- shouldn't be too much of a problem if I race. I mean, I rode three days last week including some hill work (which either proves I was feeling considerably better or had completely lost the plot) and was feeling so much better than the previous two weeks that I was sure a Sunday morning crit was just what I needed.

Baaarrrrpp!!!- wrong answer. By the time I finished my 25 minutes plus 2, I had been lapped by the entire field- and, I think by some bloke out walking his chihuahua....

Things started Ok- about 4 back for the first three laps and then the wheels fell off. The cough returned and with each cough, it became a bit more difficult to suck in enough air to keep me going. So I resigned myself to pulling back enough to stop the cough and yet still finish. Like I've said before, unless I flat, fall off or have a mechanical, I'm going to finish every race I start.

And really I do feel better for having gone out and had a bash at it this morning.

Next Sunday is the Paluma Push and I'm either going to be rid of this cough or I'll be eating Throatees by the handful.


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