23 July, 2008

It's raining again....

Or rather.... still. This has been a bit of a bizarre week for weather. It's not uncommon to have winter rains but we've had more wet days than dry over the past week. The creeks and streams are flowing- all of the leaves and accumulated dust along the kerbing at the side of the road has been washed away and the footpaths in front of everyone's houses are quickly turning green and shaggy.

It has certainly played havoc with my riding schedule- so far this week I'm up to a grand total of zero, zip, nil, nada, nichts, rien- nothing. I didn't ride Monday after Sunday's Paluma Push- a well earned rest day I reckoned. Then Tuesday and Wednesday it bucketed down all day with the outlook for Thursday being, wait for it.....more rain.

So the weekly total (which can run from 175 to 300+ km) is going to be hard pressed to make 150 this time around. Anyway, it will all come good and the k's will eventually accumulate beneath the new Tarmac but damn it's hard to sit here and watch the rain pelting down.

I'll make it up next week- I'm on leave and I'm aiming for a 400 km week. I hear a sauvignon blanc calling me.... I better go check.

Ride safe

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