28 June, 2008

I really don't like being sick

I rode today- just our regular Saturday coffee ride. Not just as in "just" the Saturday ride but just as in "only the coffee ride"- no race- for which I had nominated and paid my entry fee and was quite looking forward to. It was to be my first handicap race and my first race with actual prize money (Don't give up your day-job Sunshine. We're not talking big bikkies here.)

This cold which I have been so generously gifted by the good citizens of Brisbane, made it impossible for me to take part, so Dee and I headed up to Herveys Range to offer our services as race volunteers. Imagine our surprise when we got there and they said they had enough helpers for the day. That was really good news because normally the club is scratching to get help for the races.

So we spectated- watching each group (or individual) head out at their appointed interval. I'm not sure if I was sighing externally, but internally I was churning- I wanted to be out there. Well, even if I was sighing, it probably couldn't be heard through the sneezing and coughing.

There were a few early returnees, punctures and lack of conditioning were the main causes but the scratch handicappers caught the main pack about 500 metres from the finish and it was a great bunch sprint to close out the race.

We were watching for one of our Saturday group- Sue- who has recently taken up racing (with a vengeance too I might add. She gives the blokes a real run.) She unfortunately had an accident- clipping the wheel of the rider in front of her and coming down. She was quite shaken with some abrasions to arm and hip and her helmet is toast- better her helmet than head!! Hope you have a quick recovery Sue!!

Tomorrow is Oak Valley, for which I have nominated and paid. But I really don't like my chances of staging a miracle recovery overnight.

I just might have to strap on the "other" shoes and go for a bit of a ride on the MTBs. Dee did get her new "Dually" today and will definitely need to develop an intimate association with her new bike before the Paluma Push. I think I hear Bald Rock calling us back again.

Cheers- ride safe, stay healthy


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