21 June, 2008

Tomorrow is race day and I'm missing out on Fatty's Brats

It's Saturday night and tomorrow is another race day here in Townsville. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that- it's just that while I'm racing in Oak Valley tomorrow morning, on the other side of the globe is a cycling event of a different kind that I really wish I could have been part of.

Eldon Nelson a.k.a "The Fat Cyclist" is hosting a triathalon (as opposed to a triathlon) near his home in Utah in which participants are going to take part in a MTB event (how long and how difficult dependent upon one's level of enthusiasm and capability), followed by an aquatic event (I guess you can call sliding down a natural rock formation waterslide an aquatic event) ending with the consumption of beer-boiled brats (Bratwurst sausages we're talking here- not insolent youth).

For those not familiar with The Fat Cyclist, I recommend a familiarisation session with his "Award Winning" Blog. To all of the Triathaletes taking part in what I hope is the first annual event, enjoy!! To Susan, "Win"!!

Today was another of those magic winter days we have in North Queensland- brilliant clear blue skies, low humidity and temps around 27C- absolute magic.
Will the weather hold for tomorrow's race? Let's hope so because after last week's bone-numbing temperatures, I really don't want to ride without being able to feel my fingers for two weekends in a row- and besides, after the road race, we're planning a bit of an MTB ride out to Bald Rock- call it training for next month's Paluma Push.

And then unfortunately I'm off to Brisbane for work next week so the km's will be very limited. I just don't feel invigorated or work as well when I can't ride in the morning before work. Better not say that too loudly or they'll have me on a trainer hooked up to a dynamo powering my laptop.....actually, now that I think about it......

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