18 June, 2008

Missed another day

I stayed up late last night- later than I have for a long time. And I payed for it this morning.

Last night was the local Sports Award evening where volunteers and participants (teams and individuals) are recognised for their efforts in sporting endeavours at a state, national and international level. I had been nominated for participating in a little known ice sport called broomball- sort of a "poor man's" version of ice hockey played with special shoes for running on ice and a ball instead of a rubber puck. I say little known because one doesn't think of ice sports too often in the tropics. A quick search on Google returned 546,000 results for broomball while a search for jai alai (another, shall we say, eclectic sport) returned 1.3 million results.

Anyhow, I had played for our state rep team in the Nationals and also refereed about a dozen games at the National competition. One of the local organisation's executive nominated me for a sports award and so I ended up at last night's proceedings. Fairly long, drawn-out proceedings and with over 400 athletes to receive awards, it was never going to be a half-hour ceremony, and I'm glad I stayed for the whole ceremony.

It never ceases to amaze me, the depth and breadth of sporting talent that this region produces. Everything from world class open water swimmers to 80+ year old table tennis champions, with a few world and olympic champions thrown in the mix.

So, a late arrival home and then our current house guest decided we should have a chat on the impending doom facing the world's population as a result of increased prices for fuel, food, housing,etc…sheesh!!

I think it was nearing midnight when I got to bed- considering my alarm was going to go off at 4:30 so I could do some hill work this morning, I was hopeful of nodding off quickly. Just wasn't meant to be!! I think I woke at 1:30 and then every hour thereafter. When 4:30 struck, there was no way these old bones were making it out on the road this morning.

The results from last weekend's two stage race are in and as expected, my time up the hill let me down- finished on the same time as the winner in the pack for the road stage but my hill work left me just outside the top 10- "D'oh!!"

Tomorrow beckons- I've carbed up tonight with a lovely beef and veggie soup with pasta- look out boys!! I'm ready to fire on all cylinders tomorrow.

Ride safe- we'll see you on the road



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