27 June, 2008


I spent the week working in Brisbane. No bike, no hope!!

I was welcomed to the office with a loud, germ-filled sneeze on Monday- and so began the slow descent to a weekend where I expect to spend the majority of my time nursing a cold. I mean- "For crying out loud folks!" If you're sick- stay away from work- that's why they invented sick days. Oh sorry I forgot- most people here who would be amongst the first to succumb to a cold- don't have any sick days because they've used them all up taking Mondays off for a three day weekend.

I get my flu shot every year and have been very successful in avoiding any bouts of flu for the last 5 years. The cold on the other hand is a different story. There is no defence as such- just staying as healthy as possible and avoiding those who are already incubating and if you do happen to catch one- give everyone else a bit of assistance and stay home from work.

I'm supposed to race tomorrow (and Sunday) but if the symptoms I'm currently experiencing are any indication, I expect to spend both days helping out as a race official. Volunteers make the races work so if I can't ride, I'll be glad to lend a hand.

If I do feel like riding, it could be interesting as I haven't been on the bike since last Sunday. All shall be revealed by tomorrow afternoon I'm sure.

Looks like there could be a new bike in the stable before too long. Dee's MTB definitely needs to be upgraded to a dually and even more so after last Sunday's little expedition to Bald Rock.

Ride safe- cheers

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