02 January, 2009

Starting Tomorrow

Here it is, almost the 3rd of January, and I have yet to roll my bike out from under the house. But starting tomorrow, I am going to be putting some km's under the wheels. The road season starts in 8 weeks time and I suspect that there may be a bit of Christmas cheer hanging around my middle. Dee and I just got home from visiting her sister and brother-in-law in Cairns for the last few days and there was no cycling underaken by either of us- we didn't even take the bikes. Not that we could have got much cycling in with the tropical downpours.

Anyhow we're back and ready to go into the new year. I've never been one for making resolutions but I would like to increase my hill work in preparation for the road-race season. My racing license has been renewed and I'm hoping to take part in most, if not all, of the events our club has scheduled (I don't think I mentioned there are a couple of time trials which are all uphill).

I would also like to make 12,000 km for the year. I fell short by almost 280 in '08 and will hopefully stay healthy during the year to allow me to hit my target.

Happy New Year to all

Cheers- ride safe

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