16 January, 2009

That's more like it...

Well it took 4 days to get here and as far as riding goes, today was the best of the lot this week. A tropical low and monsoon trough provided us with some pretty healthy rainfall totals and disrupted regular cycling routines for everyone I know. I was starting to feel like Joe Bftsplk (How many remember him from the "L'il Abner" comic strip? He was the unluckiest bloke in the world with his own personal rain cloud that followed him everywhere.)

I got up at 4:30- as usual- and put on my kit. Had a bite to eat and headed downstairs and grabbed the bike to head off. "D'oh!" a flat. Okay- relax. You're on leave and you have lots of time. "Double D'oh!!" (or would that be D'Oh, D'oh!!?) the rain which I thought had finished had returned with a vengeance. No ride on Thursday Kemo-Sabe.

I did manage a few km's yesterday but I had to wait at home for an appliance service bloke to arrive and look at the dishwasher (not me, the built-in electric one). He couldn't fix it mind you but he did his diagnosis and advised that the heating circuit on the PCB (Process Control Board- I think) was burnt out and the whole thing would have to be replaced. "Do you have one in your van?"

"No sorry- we'll have to order that. we'll let you know how long it will be."

Today was much better. No flats, no rain and about 80km. You just gotta love it.

Ride safe

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