28 December, 2008

Would you believe....?

As Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, would have said to "The Chief", "Missed it by that much!!"

I thought I could make 12000 km for the year but the planetary alignments and star signs conspired to defeat me (well that and a couple of unscheduled trips away on behalf of my employer which seriously dented my plans but Hey!! they pay me so what can I say?) and I will fall short- unless I ride about 380 km tomorrow and Tuesday. And you know what? I don't like my chances...

I renewed my racing license yesterday for 2009. First event is a time trial on 1 March- so if I start my 8 week program straight away.......well first thing in the New Year, she'll be sweet.

Today was yet another Christmas/cycling party/breakfast and I have to say that I really value the friendships we have made through our group. What started out as a few friends getting together for a coffee ride on Saturdays has grown to a group of almost 70- some social, some racers, some a bit of both but all joined by a common thread- The Bike!!

Anyway, I've got a couple of mornings of '08 left and who knows.... I might just stay on my bike for a couple of extra hours on Monday and Tuesday morning and see what happens.

Take care- ride safe


Bluenoser said...

I'm pulling to see you hit the 12.


BoaB said...

As much as I'd like to say "I did it", I can't. Only a 50 km run this morning and probably much the same for tomorrow and there'll be no ride Wednesday.

Best of the New Year to you B!!


Bluenoser said...

Happy New year 12 late BoaB.