11 January, 2009

Week 1

Ok- back to work for a week and I haven't maimed or injured anyone in the office- probably because the majority are still on leave- but that's beside the point.  Things are resuming a sense of normalcy and I managed to get in a few good training rides (and yes there were some with some hill work). I closed out the week with a repeat of last weekend's ride and an additional 25+km assisting Dee with her bikeability study- just short of 300 for the week.

The bikeability study (audit, whatever) is an interesting undertaking where bike routes to central destinations such as schools and parks are analysed for safety, rideability and hazards. It seems invariably that there are reasonably good bike lanes (albeit shared with motor vehicles) but there is a shortcoming in providing safe areas to make turns or cross traffic if the cyclist(s) is/are coming from the opposite direction in which the location is accessed. Hopefully the feedback provided will assist in remedying some of these issues.

The Charters Towers Ashes ride is 2 weeks away and hopefully everyone will be healthy and well prepared for the ride. The weather is always a concern at this time of year with the summertime heat being a major factor for the success (or otherwise) of the ride. The other weather related issue we are mindful of is cyclones and storms. All eyes are currently on a system just named as Cyclone Charlotte today.

I know a fortnight is a long way off but the havoc that can be wrought by one of these storms can have long lasting effects such as flooding, road damage, debris, etc. and every once in a while these storms seem to take on a life/personality of their own- bouncing along the coast for days/weeks at a time- keeping everyone on their toes waiting for landfall.

Gotta go- one barking, demanding fox terrier is yelling at Dee that it's time to eat.

Total for the week: 288.9
Cumulative 2009: 419.2

Ride safe

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