26 January, 2009

The Tour Downunder

Well the TDU 2009 has come and gone and Aussie cyclist Allan Davis has claimed the victor's mantle for this year. Davis and his Quick Step team held off fellow Aussie Stu O'Grady for a 25 second victory in the 11th TDU.

I guess it might be a bit of vindication for Davis who was implicated in Operation Puerto a few years back but subsequently cleared of any involvement. A bit of the mud stuck and he had difficulties in finding team to ride with. Quick Step gave him an opportunity and he has rewarded them with the first pro tour victory of the year.

Australia Day today- the plan had been to have a nice ride this morning followed by coffee on The Strand but yet again the rains came. They did ease off this afternoon so I thought I would do a few household tasks like mow the lawn. I don't think I was out there for 5 minutes when the ominous rumble of thunder heralded the approaching showers. Sure enough, down it came so I resigned myself to mowing later when the grass isn't quite so wet and won't clog up the mower.

Ok- it has eased off again but it's still too wet to mow so I'll wash the bikes. After our little ride in the downpour yesterday, there was a fair bit of road grime and sand on the bikes so I set up the bike stand on the front lawn, ran the bucket of wash water, got out the wash mitt and......it started to rain. Never mind- I usually end up soaked when I wash the bikes anyway so I finished them off. 

Here's hoping tomorrow morning doesn't start with the sound of rain on the roof and water in the downpipes.

Cheers- ride safe

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