06 August, 2008

When do you get home?

I'm supposed to be doing a Homer- sitting around in my jocks, watching TV and drinking copious amounts of beer while eating doughnuts. "D'oh!"

I'm batching it this week- just me and the dogs and "Boy howdy am I lonely". Dee is in Cairns for the week and number one son (well, only son when you get down to it) is in Brisbane. I've been out for my regular early morning rides but it just isn't the same coming back to a quiet, empty house. Same during the evenings- especially this evening which is the night when we watch our favourite shows. I could be watching them now but it doesn't seem right- just not the same at all.

I'll go for my ride tomorrow and Friday and then Dee will be back Friday and the world will return to its rightful axial tilt.

I need some retail therapy- think I'll go online and look at some new pedals.

Ride safe

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