12 August, 2008

Cyclists behaving badly

What is it about some cyclists? They just can't stand to abide by the road rules and cycling etiquette. I have just notified a bunch of my cycling group that I'll no longer be riding with them on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

I've been riding with this group for about a year now and until recently things have been pretty good but there seems to be a mentality creeping in that this is a preliminary stage of the Tour. The regular riders have maintained their demeanour but some of the newer riders feel they have to do anything to stay with the pack. Heaven forbid that they should ever get dropped and have to catch up or ride solo.....no let's throw away all of the good work that so many of us have done to engender positive relations with other road users by ignoring and/or even flaunting road rules.

This morning's incident involved the pack approaching a roundabout and a car entering from the right. Now this car has the right of way and all traffic must give way to said car. Calls of "Slowing" and "Stopping" were heard and several riders slowed and/or stopped. The driver, a young lady, appeared to be intimidated by the number of cyclists and stopped mid-roundabout as several of the group had decided to proceed through the roundabout.

At this point, most of the group rode through and continued on their way leaving several of us perplexed, pissed off and waiting at the roundabout.... Just like that, several months of good cyclist/motorist relations down the tube in a matter of seconds.

So from tomorrow, I'll make my own rides and anyone wanting to join me is welcome. But anyone who decides they want to ride outside the road rules would do well to keep away.

Ride safe- please

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