21 August, 2008

I think winter might be over

Better not say that (or think it) too loud. Looks like we're finally on our way out of the cold weather that has been hanging around for far too long this year. This morning was a balmy 19C when I headed out just before 5:00. It was a bit breezy so I felt I got a real good workout this morning- throw in a bit of hill work and about 35km all up- a great way to start the day.

And my lovely wife Dee has spoiled me again with some extra birthday presents that were a little late arriving- three cycling books. A novel by Tim Krabbe called "The Rider" and two training books by Joe Friel- "The Cyclist's Training Bible" and "Cycling Past 50" which I had hoped was going to give me the secret to maintaining my speed at 50+ km/hr for more than 400 metres but is in fact a guide to fitness and performance for those of us of a certain vintage and beyond.

All my fellow oldies on the roads better keep checking over their shoulders.....

I also treated myself to a new set of lights for the bike(s). The technology and advancements in lighting is unbelievable. I have a set of ultra bright LED lights and a 6 hour lithion polymer rechargeable battery that weighs about 400 grams and has got to be the brightest light I've ever seen. If there is a downside to these lights, it's that I never realised just how much glass is on the road and now it all shows up like a million tiny, sparkling daggers.

The set came with mounts for two bikes so I can set up the roadie and the MTB and just switch the lights and battery from one to the other. There's also a helmet mount if I feel so inclined. And the service was fantastic- I ordered the lights on Sunday on the website- was notified of confirmation and shipping of my order on Monday and had the lights in hand on Tuesday afternoon.

Not one to plug businesses, but this was outstanding- an Aussie company called AyUp

Anyhow, the sun is setting and it's time to grab a glass of vino and start cooking. Oh yeah and there's some sporting events on from Beijing.

Cheers- ride safe

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