07 August, 2008

It doesn't pay to oversleep

I'm not quite sure what happened this morning- maybe I had my arm under the pillow and didn't hear the alarm, maybe I heard and turned it off....whatever it was, I woke up about 3 minutes before I meant to be out the gate and on the road. I just can't believe the dogs let me sleep in like that- where's their sense of responsibility? Well I suppose it was on the chilly side so maybe they were looking out for my health.

Anyway....no time for oatmeal this morning. Just grab the water bottles and go. And so away I went and in about 35 minutes I knew it was a bad decision. I was just managing to hang on and by the time the group hit the 2/3 mark, I was done....there was no way I could stay with the pack. And just to rub a bit of salt in the wound, I picked up something in my front tyre- so I leaned forward to see if I could brush it off with my hand; but, in so doing, I seem to have discovered some new Pilates position as the pain that shot through the muscles at the back of my neck made me gasp.

So I eased myself back into position and gently pedalled the next couple of km's while things returned to normal. Who would have thought that missing your oatmeal could be so painful?

Dee gets back tomorrow night (Friday) after a week in Cairns. She has put in a big week doing a mapping project- hopefully she'll be able to get in some km's and some relaxation next week- she's supposed to be on leave!!!

And no race for BoaB this weekend. There is a crit but we're going to a black tie dinner on Saturday night and somehow I suspect that I won't be in race condition at 5:30 Sunday morning.

Ride safe

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