08 February, 2009

Sobering thoughts

It's early Sunday morning as I type and the news from either end of the country is less than comforting. In Victoria, bushfires are raging and at least 14 people have been confirmed dead. There are fears the number may climb as high as 40. With strong winds and temperatures over 45C, there's not a lot the fire service can do. 

Here in North Queensland, the monsoonal rains and floods also continue with falls of over 100mm recorded in many locations since yesterday. The town of Ingham, which has been enduring severe flooding for the past week, may get a bit of a reprieve today as the monsoonal trough moves south and carries the worst of the rain with it. We are located about 110km south of Ingham and will likely receive some further heavy falls.

As an added bonus, today and Monday we will have our highest tides of the year with the prediction of an additional .5 of a metre in height. With all of the flooding that's taking place, this could seriously impact a lot of people all along the coast here in the North. And it's not just people and property being impacted- infrastructure has been washed away or seriously weakened and local fauna and livestock are in danger as well.

Dee and I are going to jump on the MTB's and head down to the river for a look in just a bit. I'll try and get some pics.

Dee has put up some pics on her blog.

Cheers- ride safe


Groover said...

Apparently half of the far north is under water while the rest of the country is in drought. This is Australia.

Stay safe.

Buttsy said...

I am safe from the fires, but seriously it is unbelievably devastating, I did the Great Victorian Bike Ride about 5 years ago and it went through some of those towns that are now all devastated and may never recover....Marysville was our last night on the ride and it was such a fantastic town, just gorgeous and now it is all but gone.....cant beleive it.

Bluenoser said...

Stay safe.


BoaB said...

Things have calmed down somewhat weather wise here in the north although we had a cracker of a storm last night. Almost 70mm of rain in 45 minutes. Needless to say, some things flooded in the deluge.