03 February, 2009

Ok- who stole the bilge pump?

Crikey!! (as Steve Irwin would have said) enough with the rain already. I know we live in the tropics and there are associated risks with it but "Holy cow!" I'm getting really tired of the rain this week(Last week, week before, etc). It just doesn't want to stop.

We just took a walk down along the river to the weir to watch the river flowing as a result of the torrential rains we've had. The water is coming over at about 1.5 meters high- "Wall-to-wall and tree-top tall" as we used to say once upon a time.  But that pales in comparison to the Burdekin River to our west near Charters Towers. As I write, the river is currently flowing at 6.75 metres above the bridge- a total river height of 20.25 metres.

And as one would expect, this has had a definite detrimental effect on our cycling regime. Short of wearing scuba gear and putting solid tyres on to deal with the potholes, the options for cycling at the moment are pretty much restricted to "the trainer." The numbers for the week are pretty easy to remember- all zeroes.

"This too will pass" and we'll be back on the roads before you know it. Oh yeah- I have to catch a plane at 6:30 tomorrow morning and the Bureau of Meteorology is warning of the possibility of another cyclone at the end of the week. Looks like zeroes for a solid week.

Cheers- ride safe (and dry)

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