12 February, 2009

Day- oh, day-ay-ay oh!

"Hey Mister Tally man, tally me bananas!"

Well the rain finally cleared overnight and I was able to get in another ride this morning-albeit with a flat to start out. Great thing having a spare wheelset- just slap on the appropriate wheel and head out the gate. I was a few minutes late getting to our meeting spot but made up the split pretty quickly. And I have to say I was pretty happy with the ride given that it's been the better part of a fortnight since I've been on the roadie.

"So!" I hear you ask, "What has this post got to do with bananas?" Well I had to harvest two stalks of bananas today after work. I have been keeping an eye on them for the last couple of weeks- with all of the rain, they have been filling out well but just didn't look quite ready. Yesterday it was raining too hard (65 or 70mm in 45 minutes) to venture into the backyard to check their status so it waited until today.

And there were the telltale signs that the fruit was ready-a slight yellow blush on a couple of bananas and a couple of others with the ends chewed off. The fruit bats (flying foxes) can always sniff out a ripening banana long before I can. The stalks are now hanging under the house-ripening naturally and away from the bats. Should be no potassium shortages in Dee's or my diets for the next couple of weeks.

ride safe



SMB tech geeks said...

How awesome are you eh, growing your own bananas?! Did they taste good?

BoaB said...

They're much better than anything we get from the grocery store or local markets- I think the variety is Deluca. Fairly small, thin-skinned and sometimes called lady fingers, the flesh is more dense and sweeter than commercial varieties.

Bluenoser said...

Your own bananas, wow. Enjoy.


Groover said...

They are getting expensive again now down here with all the floods up north. Prefer my yummy banana in my rear pocket over a Powerbar any day ...

BoaB said...

I'd have to agree with you there Groover.
There's nothing quite like home-grown, whether it's bananas, tomatoes or even gravenstein apples....eh B?