28 February, 2009

Here's hoping........

Well the news from the doctor wasn't good- but it wasn't bad either (at least not yet). My BP is still elevated and my pulse is still eratic but it wasn't any worse than last week. All of the blood tests came out fine and the x-rays were inconclusive- a slightly enlarged heart (very minimal) but easily attributed to the extra work the organ has done with the high BP- according to the doc. The readings from the BP cuff that I wore last week have not been downloaded as there is an interface issue with the device and it has been sent to Sydney (that's Sydney, Australia- Bluenoser, not Sydney, Cape Breton- although I'm beginning to wonder) to retrieve the data.

I decided to wear my HRM during the week as a matter of curiosity. Well!! That was an exercise in frustration and confusion. My pulse would be sitting on 75bpm (which is still quite high) and the just jump to 105 for no reason. I even left the office environment and worked from home and the same thing happened several times during the day.

I am feeling better today than I have for some time but I will have to wait and see what happens this coming week. A trip to the cardiologist may be in order along with tests for adrenal gland activity and renal artery blockage- it all sounds like so much "fun"..........NOT.

Tomorrow is the first race on the local scene for the year and I'm not riding- but Dee is; her first comp is going to be a 10k TT. "Go for it!!", I say.

Cheers- ride safe


Groover said...

I hope you will find out what's wrong. Then you can do something about it and be back on the bike soon. In the meantime there will be a lot of reward in being Dee's soigneur. :-)

Bluenoser said...

Yes get well soon BoaB.