21 December, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Well if you consider large numbers of people in shorts and thongs cruising through the shopping malls on a Sunday afternoon to be typical Christmas scenery, then we're amongst it. Actually for 5 days before Chrissy, things were quite controlled- no pushing and shoving, no long queues at checkouts, and funnily enough, very little canned Christmas music.

This is in stark contrast to Thursday and Friday when there was much argy-bargy over parking spaces at the local malls (according to the local paper).

Dee and I went for a nice ride this morning along the beachfront and then back to one of the cafes in town for some brekkie and a cup of coffee. It was beautiful except for the last three minutes when it started to rain....harder and harder. I think we managed to avoid the worst of it though as the water wasn't running out of my shoes as it often does in these tropical showers.

We had our coffee and sat out the rain with friends who had made "the dam run" this morning but hadn't been so lucky avoiding the wet stuff on the way back in. 

It's hard to think of it as Christmas when the only thing white is the sand on the beach and the temps are 34C. Don't get me wrong- I'm not pining for -20 and 1/2 metre of snow. I much prefer to be able to roll out of bed at 4:30 and not have to put on enough clothes to look like the Michelin man (Bibendum is his name if you must know. Bib for short) so I can go outside. I just can't imagine going back to that and giving up year-round cycling.

To all- have a very happy and safe holiday season and enjoy all that goes with it.



Bluenoser said...

I will have a great and safe holidays. Just resting up for snow removal. 30cm coming tonight.

Bingle Jells... as the drunk said.


BoaB said...

And people here still ask me if I want to be in Canada for a white Christmas. Been there, done that and worn out several snow shovels.

A warm Christmas beneath the palm trees is very enjoyable. We still do the full roast turkey dinner, but there is also a certain appeal for prawns and a barbecued steak- washed down with copious amounts of one's favourite (insert appropriate selection- wine, beer, champagne ((my favourite)), mineral water- you get the idea)