12 October, 2008

And the Stable grows by one

Dee got her new bike yesterday- an '09 Myka Comp- "beautiful!!". Earlier this year, she decided to go with a "dually" and bought an '08 Myka Comp. Nice bike- well kitted out but it just wasn't right for her. The top tube was just a bit too high and so after one ride, it was left to one side under the house and not ridden again.

On one of our frequent trips to the LBS, Mike, the owner, asked Dee how she was liking the Myka. When she responded that she wasn't, Mike insisted we bring it back to the store and he would get Dee an '09 when they arrived on our shores. True to his word, the bike arrived and was built and ready for the test ride on Saturday.

The reconfigured geometry meant the top tube was now about 2.5cm (1" for those non-metricated types) lower and allowed Dee to have a more comfortable stand-over. I think she liked it- she rode it home from the shop and I'm sure was grinning all the way.

Oh yes- there was the financial reconciliation as well. When I asked Mike the amount owing, he got out the paperwork and the calulator and looked on the computer and came up with $50.00!!!

Fifty bucks?? "I just calculated the freight and the labour to put it together- that's all I want. We want our customers to be happy on their bikes."

And as a sign from above, I was waffling on whether to go for a ride this morning. It would make seven days straight and I know I should have a day off but I haven't done the ride to Ross River Dam for some time now and thought this morning would be good. Meet at the bike shop for a 05:30 departure and all would be good.

Got to the LBS at about 5:25 and just as I pulled up under the front awning, it started to rain- just a light drizzle at first and the as the others arrived, the intensity increased. We prolonged the departure- discussed options and then decided it was time to make a break for it on a shortened circuit and then back for coffee.

We probably hadn't gone 50 metres when the skies opened and down it came. I lie about 3 km from the shop and decided that I would be peeling off there. The thing that confirmed it for me was the first set of traffic lights we came to- it took me an extra 20 metres or so to stop- the brakes were that wet that they just wouldn't grip. Good thing there were only a few of us with lots of room to spread out and find a clear path to come to a stop.

Cheers- ride safe


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