29 September, 2008

So that's how it works!!!!

OK- first day back at work for another week and things are looking a bit puzzling (to me anyway).

"We've got some U(ser) A(cceptance)T(esting) we want you to do on this application for some fixes that are going in the system."

"Ummmm.....OK. What is it supposed to do? Is there a test script?"

"Don't worry about that. You'll figure it out."

Well now I sort of feel like a real tool. This is part of our business management application that I'm supposed to be supporting and it's an area I've never seen before. "No worries" I reckon- I'll just get on to the last bloke who tested it and things will be sweet. NOT!! The whole aspect of functionality that I'm supposed to be testing has been changed and looks nothing like the previous incarnation against which the "fix" was raised.

Oh well- I have another full day before testing is supposed to be completed and I guess there's always the "FAIL" option. As they say in "Little Britain:- "Computer says NO!!!!"

Oh yeah cycling- I didn't ride today, took a full day off and am awaiting the hills tomorrow morning. If all goes according to plan- I should absolutely fly up the hills like Icarus toward the sun. Just hope I have a more graceful return to earth!!

Ride to Work Day- takes place on 15 October. I'm a member of our corporate "Green Team" which is supposed to be involved in and encouraging green activities and today I had to send a request to our Green Team co-ordinator (a full time paid position) asking if anything is being scheduled.

I mean, "Get with the program Folks!!" You want to encourage greener, more environmentally friendly attitudes in the work force and we can't even jump on the bandwagon of one of the most successful national initiatives around??? The response was along the lines of, "Oh yeah. I was going to send something out today."

When I left work today, still nothing had come out and the ride is less than 3 weeks away,

It's ok- breathe deeply. Tomorrow is another day- another chance for the wrongs to be righted and the world brought back to its proper axis.

Ride safe

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