17 October, 2008

My PB- four times over

Okay- this is getting a bit weird. A few weeks back, I mentioned how I had hit my fastest flat ground speed of 54.77 km/hr.

This week, yet again, I hit.................................that's a drum roll for big effect.........54.77 km/hr. Now that seems a bit strange to hit exactly the same speed- right down to the 100th of a km , but that's what the good ole digital speedo said. But let's make it a bit more bizarre. That's not the second, but actually the fourth instance where the max has been 54.77.

Now I could accept a hundredth or two either side but to hit the same thing four times, I just am having a bit of difficulty accepting it. Anyway, tomorrow's coffee ride will have a bit of a sprint so it will be interesting to see what comes up on the Max Speed readout in the morning.

Next week will be a bit of a bummer. I'm traveling for the week and so no bike rides until next Saturday (well I might be able to squeeze one in on Monday morning before I have to head off to the airport). But even worse than that is just being away from home.

I spent a bit over 8 years working in the offshore oil and gas industry and did my fair share of traveling- it was part of the job. But now it just doesn't hold the attraction that it seems to for the younger members of our team.

And it seems that Cycling has infected me- I have no desire (or even ability) to stay out 'til the midnight hour "networking" with my fellow team members. 8:30 rolls around and I've pretty much had it but when the rest of them still have their heads on their pillows at 4:30am, I'm up and ready to go.

I guess it's a cyclist thing.

Ride safe


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