22 November, 2008

It was only a suggestion....

I came across this article in one of the Brisbane online papers yesterday about obesity and how lowering the speed limit in some urban streets to 30 km/hr might encourage more people to get out and walk or cycle if they felt safer (read- less threatened by motor vehicles) and thus lose weight.

Well it seems nothing incites the raw-nerved, red-necked responses like an issue relating to cycling. Some took issue with the researcher who proposed the idea- " How on earth do you find this drivel? Some of these academics should be forced to get a job in the real world for a change, instead of living (at public expense) in LaLa Land!!

Which might solve their obesity problems, too ..."

Posted by: deebee of Brisbane 1:24am November 21, 2008
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Others see it as a revenue raising issue being considered by the state government-

" 30km/hr!!! Are you kidding? Surely you are!?!? The state coffers will be brimming with the cash from speeding fines. I seriously doubt this idea will work. People will still drive everywhere they go due to the comfort and quicker journey they get in a car. Posted by: Cynclic of Rockhampton 11:39pm November 20, 2008 "

And then there were the "I hate cyclists" type entries- "You wont last long on the road like that buddy. Maybe if you paid rego and insurance for your bycyle and didnt ride 10kmph holding up 2km of traffic in your rainbow coloured spandex suit , pretending you are in the tour de france,then you may be shown respect.but until then,try not to be a pest !!"

I mean people lost the plot on this really quickly- from both sides of the fence. But the vehemence with which some of these comments are written is frightening. As a cyclist I see examples of poor habits from both motorists and cyclists- everyday. Running red lights, failing to signal turns, failing to give way to traffic with the right of way. Unfortunately for those of us on the bike, it doesn't matter how right you are in law, you'll never win an argument with 850+ kilograms of steel, plastic and rubber being piloted by someone who, when they see a lycra-clad cyclist, can visualise the bullseye in the middle of their back. Most of these people wouldn't endanger their son or daughter, mother, father, brother or sister on the road- so why would they willingly do it to me?

As BGW says, "just sayin!!'"

Cheers- ride safe (please)

ps- I don't know what's going on with the fonts on this post- must have something to do with the quotes I copied and pasted.

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