15 November, 2008

A Celebration (of sorts)

Well another week has rolled past and I seem to have managed to get about 4 weeks behind in 5 days- not a bad effort if that's your goal. In my case however, I'm going on two weeks leave and somehow I don't think that stack of work is going to magically disappear as if the IT/System elves will come out of the woodwork.

I had to travel this week to deliver training and so lost three days productive work and even worse- three days of riding. The plus side was coming home on Friday night for a bit of a celebration. Dee and I were married 27 years ago and every day just seems to be better than the day before.

Last night was somewhat soured though as Dee was struck down by a serious bout of food poisoning. Her school at the uni had a bit of a conference this week which was catered. About 90% of students and staff were violently ill on Friday and Dee thought she had escaped the ravages of what appears to have been a bacterial episode.

We had a lovely curry in the evening and a couple glasses of bubbly (as you do on anniversaries) and retired - looking forward to our regular Saturday ride. That was thrown asunder around midnight when the bugs got the better of Dee and she unfortunately spent most of the night suffering from severe nausea and vomiting.

She is resting this evening although I wouldn't say fully recovered. And it has put a bit of a dent in our plans for this week. We are off to Canberra bright and early tomorrow morning for a conference (don't tell anyone but Dee is nominated for a national award in the Spatial Sciences Institute) and the intention was to take the bikes and ride a few of the circuits around the national capital. It looks like I'll be riding alone while Dee takes it easy to ensure she's fit for next week when we're both back home with another week to ride to our hearts' content.

If she does feel up to it, we'll hire a bike and do one of the easier circuits.

Ride safe


Bluenoser said...

Wow I hope Dee is doing better. Just tell her not to worry when the two of you get here for a visit next summer the lobster will be fresh.

Congrats to your wife on putting up with you for 27 years and the spatial award. She obviously mapped out her life with you.



BoaB said...

G'day B.

Yes Dee is feeling much better. We went for a ride on Monday and she said the longer she rode, the better she felt.

Back to Townsville tomorrow so some good rides coming up over the next week or so.

And unfortunately she didn't win the National Spatial Professional of the year. Still the winner in my book though.

And I'll be looking forward to some lobster, haddock and scallops next year. I'm down to my last package of salt cod and have been waiting for the right time for a feed of fish cakes =8^)