09 September, 2008

Been a bit slack haven't you?

Well I guess that's one way of looking at it. It has been well over a week since last I blogged but I haven't been bone-idle. I have been busy, honest; just ask Dee.

I have been getting in rides almost every morning- well except this morning because I had to take Dee to the airport, plus it was raining so that's legit. And Sunday- I didn't ride Sunday because it was Father's Day here in Oz. Went to a native plant nursery and then worked in the yard- planting, weeding, digging, edging and just general yard stuff. Very relaxing and good for the soul.

Oh and all of those mornings when I have been riding, I've been doing hills- and you know something, I feel stronger. The hills aren't necessarily getting any easier (well maybe a bit) but I am finding that my recovery time is much shorter and that I have more strength in general. Every time I start up another incline I keep reciting my mantra,"Hills will make me stronger, hills will make me stronger".

The track season has started for the year and I'm still debating whether to give it a go. I suspect I will but I'll attend a couple of starter sessions before I jump in with both feet. I did try it once before at an "Open Day" that the cycling club had a couple of years ago- I think I spent more time trying to get my feet in the cages/toe clips than I did actually pedaling around the track.

And big things happening in North Queensland on the cycling front over the next couple of months: One of the toughest MTB events around- the Croc Trophy is back for another year. Then in November, there will be a crit in Townsville with some of the big names from the pro circuit- Cadel Evans, Robbie McEwen, Adam Hansen, Stu O'Grady, Matt White, Henk Vogels Wim Vasavenant. Needless to say there's a fair bit of excitement amongst local riders hoping to catch a ride with some of these blokes.

Anyway- off to the bike shop- Dee's rear wheel was making some strange noises yesterday and with my limited bike mechanic abilities, I couldn't find anything so I'll leave it to the pros.

Cheers- ride safe

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