24 January, 2010

It was a bit like a treasure hunt....

It's funny how things disappear. And it's sometimes even funnier, the things you find while looking for those things that have disappeared. Take pictures (or photographs if you prefer)- a friend put up that this was Wedding Week on Facebook and that we should replace our profile pics with a picture from our wedding.

Well the search was on- high, low, indoors and out for our wedding photos. Now we know that the wedding album itself didn't make the trip Down Under when we migrated, but both Dee and I thought we had brought the photos. Alas, we didn't find any of "the" wedding photos but we did come up with a few slightly less-than-professional shots which despite their yellowish tinge and probably champagne-affected focus, show us in our wedding day finery.

This pic is for you Bluenoser- during the search, Dee came across a ziplock bag of photos, some of them from my time on the rigs and one in particular on a rig being transported from Dunkirk, France to Nova Scotia. I can recall the day like it was last week- although it is now more than 25 years ago. It was particularly windy and as I hit the button, there was a very strong gust of wind which resulted in the following.................................................

And the 2010 Tour Down Under has just wrapped up with Andre Greipel of Team HTC taking out the ochre jersey as overall winner in the GC.

Big winds and heavy rains forecast for the next few days as we feel the effects of a couple of ex-cyclones and a very active monsoonal trough. Might seriously cut into the early morning rides.

Cheers- ride safe


Bluenoser said...

Yes I remember those tin hardhats. They would blow off in a good sneeze. Remember how the guys used to hook a cord to them and then pin them to their coveralls so they wouldn't loose them overboard?

Then the wind would grab them and swing them around and beat them in the face numerous times... just like a Bugs Bunny cartoon... too good to watch sometimes.

Thanks for that BoaB, I'm wiping tears of laughter right now just thinking about it.


BoaB said...

You know B, I always wanted one of those hardhats from Saudi with the artwork. We had a few on the rigs- primarily toolpushers and drillig foremen- who had those hats that they filled with sand and then used a nail and hammer to emboss (indent?) the artwork. I always wanted one of those but never managed to make it to "The East."

Bluenoser said...

Yes, a crane op I worked with had one, nice works of art.