10 January, 2010

I think that was a wind training session....

We did the slug thing this morning and stayed in bed after the 4:30 alarm. Eventually dragged ourselves out and had a coffee and read the morning's news online. We had both cycled every day this week and really, we do need a bit of rest.

So we pottered around the house and yard doing chores- I edged all of the garden beds in the front (and along the driveway pavers) with the shovel to get a nice clean edge (never mind the fact that my weed whacker decided it was no longer desiring to be a contributor to the greenhouse emissions and packed it in a few months back. All of the plastic/rubber components seemed to disintegrate all at once- go figure eh?)

A bit past mid-morning I was getting antsy and so we decided to get in a small ride. There was good cloud cover (of the intermittent variety) which was helping to keep the temperature down to around 29C and the wind was, shall we say, refreshing.

Off we went along the bikeway beside the river and down to the V8 track- or at least a section thereof. This particular section of the V8 circuit is closed off from traffic but easily accessible- the loop is 630m on the inside and 680 if you decide to cycle out wide. I think we did about 10 or 12km on the circuit with a pretty good head/crosswind across the majority of the track.

I just checked the figures from the Bureau of Meteorology and while we were out, the average wind speeds were 20-46 km/hr with gusts to 56.

It gave me a pretty good week for this early in the new year, 287km- I probably should grab myself by the collar and head out the door for 13 more km but it's time to kick back with a glass of vino and wait for the lamb shanks........mmmmmm!!

And congratulations to Townsville rider Ruth Corset who yesterday won the Australian Women's Elite Road Cycling Title in Bunyinong, Victoria and to her coach and husband Jason. Their hard work is paying off with this title and continues Ruth's success after being named the Women's Elite Road Cyclist in December

Cheers- ride safe


Bluenoser said...

4:30??? 4:30???

Now I know what's wrong with my mileage total.


Bluenoser said...

Lazy Bluenozer,

Lazy Bluenozer...



Dee said...

I don't know how he does it, and when he succeeds in getting me out the door by 5 I hardly know where I am, or what on earth I am doing. I just sit on his wheel and pray it will end at a coffee shop.

BoaB said...

There is a downside to this you know- I would be hard pressed to make it past the opening faceoff on a Saturday Night watching Hockey Night in Canada. Mind you, unless I had a Pugsley, I probably wouldn't be getting up at 4:30 during the hockey season to do much riding...

"he shoots, he scorrrrrresss!!!!" Danny Gallivan and Foster Hewitt live on..