17 August, 2009

It's a right pain in the neck...

Started last Wednesday as near as I can remember- in the morning- just before 4:30- which is when my alarm goes off- (on those mornings when I don't wake up before it). I sat up in bed and turned my head to the left- that's where the bedside table is- that being the resting place for my glasses each night. Well I suppose I should say I tried to turn my head to the left.

As I turned, there was a sharp pain and almost the sensation of hitting a limit switch after turning about 1/8 of the way, "Sorry- that's forbidden territory. If you choose to proceed any further it will be under threat of immediate infliction of more pain."

Maybe I slept in a strange position- didn't seem like it but then again what would I know?- I was asleep. I put up with it Wednesday and Thursday and Friday- made an appointment with the Doc for Monday. If it doesn't clear up by Monday, I want it looked at. Saturday- same, Sunday- same, Monday off to the Doc's. Poke, poke, prod, press.....nothing untoward so it was off to the X-Ray folks for a bit of photography just to make sure there were no lingering skeletal injuries from the car accident last month.

Looks like it's off to the physio now as there is nothing showing. The one thing I can say is that at least I can still ride- as long as I'm outside and only have to do my traffic checks to the right.

Cheers- Ride safe


Groover said...

I hope you'll have full range of movement soon again. Glad it's to the left otherwise you would have a really difficult time riding in traffic.

BoaB said...

Thanks Groover. I'm definitely on the mend and hoping to race on Sunday.