16 March, 2009

Good day, Bad day

After much song and dance and playing the game that is "Modern Day Health Care", my Dr has given me the go-ahead to resume racing. While he was unable to explain the recent issues with blood pressure and erratic pulse, I've been advised that the test results and the readings from the 24 hour BP monitor put any concerns about my physical well-being to rest.

Although I've never felt intimidated by my GP, apparently I have classic "white coat syndrome". That doesn't really explain the high BP I experienced while not sitting in his practice though.

On the other side of the coin, of my favourite bloggers, Bluenoser, has submitted his "Last Post" today. Always entertaining, often thought provoking, and written with a keen wit, Bluenoser has kept me linked to my Nova Scotian roots of late- even from the other side of the globe. and "Yes B, when I'm next in Nova Scotia, I'll be looking you up for a ride around 'The Loop'."

Cheers- ride safe


Groover said...

That's great news, BoaB. I just hope this doesn't mean that your support for Dee's racing fades. :-)

Oh, I saw that Bluenoser (one of my fav blogs as well) posted again so we might not have heard the last word of him, yet. At least I hope we haven't!

BoaB said...

Thanks Groover. I was really looking forward to today's race. And it went quite well.

And I'll always support Dee when she wants to race. At last week's crit, she had made a promise to the club that one of us would volunteer to drive one of the race vehicles today.

Next week is another crit and I'm pretty sure she'll ride that one- I hope so...