28 March, 2009

Cycling/Gardening- what should I do?

Once upon a time, Dee and I used to be avid gardeners- especially since coming to the tropics where things grow all year round. It was a regular weekend to spend at least 8 hours doing chores- pruning, mulching, weeding, mowing- all the things to keep a garden healthy and growing.

Then we discovered cycling and became "gardeners who like to cycle". This continued while our cycling involvement increased and we became "cyclists with a garden". Lately however, we've been "cyclists" and the yard and gardens have suffered from a bit of neglect. The garden beds need edging and mulching, everything needs to be fertilised after the heavy monsoonal rains this year and the new round metal garden beds need to be filled with gardening mix and planted

Today we set out to make amends. We spent about 4 hours pruning (I'm sure I could hear winces of pain as I lopped great juicy ginger plants and brunfelsia, allamanda and phyllodendron and a few hibiscus too). Tomorrow I tackle the bougainvillea- they are very showy but the thorns must be dipped in curare or something 'cause when you stick one in your hand, it hurts like hell- worse than any thorn from a rose. Add to that the fact that I have to work from a ladder to trim them and you can see another element of challenge.

But the bougainvilleas will have to wait until after tomorrow's crit. I'm going to race.........

Cheers- ride safe


Groover said...

LOL - I experienced the process in reverse. I was a cyclist with a jungle in the backyard. I knew nothing about gardening. Then I got Glandular Fever and couldn't ride and started keeping myself occupied with weeding and went to Bunnings and bought plants. It's fun but wait till I'm ok to train again ... I will become a cyclist with a garden, too.

I wanna see pictures of your garden.

BoaB said...

I'll get some pics of the garden up on the blog soon. Dee has some on her site and she's a much better photographer (and gardener) than I.