01 March, 2011

...to What the....?

I slept in this morning.....it was bucketing down for a good portion of the night- at least every time I struggled to some level of consciousness and looked at my watch it was raining. I think the last time I looked was around 3:15- too early to get up and head out at the best of times- let alone when the rain is doing its best imitation of a monsoonal downpour- hang on!- this is a monsoonal downpour.

I rolled over in the hopes of another hour+ of shut-eye. I certainly got the + out of it. 5:15 and I was out of bed like a shot- dressed, mixed a drink bottle and headed out the gate. Felt pretty sluggish for the first 10km or so and was just getting a good cadence going when the "A" graders went past.

I managed to stay ahead of the second major group until about 3km from home. They did catch me as one of those inevitabilities, and as we left the traffic lights at one of the major intersections, I recall looking at the bike computer and thinking. "Hmm- 38km/hr. That's not bad considering you've been off the bike for basically a month."

Then as I turned at the intersection into our neighbourhood, as a last check for the distance on the day, I realised my computer was gone. I did a drive-by along the route later in the day and there was no sign of it. It has been picked up, swept up or smashed into so many pieces by vehicles as to be no longer recognisable as anything I have ever had attached to my bike.

Cheers- ride safe (and make a reasonable guess at your speed and distance)



Trevor Woodford said...

As you said- not bad considering your month long lay off the bike.
Sorry to hear that you lost the bike computer though..!

Groover said...

The wonders of fresh legs :-)

BoaB said...

Thanks Groover and Trevor- not sure what the "use by date" is for legs that have been put back on the shelf for a month.
Guess I'll soon find out.....

The Old Bag said...

Bummer on the loss of the computer--one season when I lost mine, I left it that way and got comfortable cycling by zen...of course, I wasn't training for racing or anything. I did finally replace it, but I haven't put one on any other bicycle except for the road bike.

BoaB said...

Yes TOB, I concur on the zen approach. The BC recently lost had a heart rate monitor and a few other functions which were lost on me. I put the HRM strap in the cupboard about a year ago after hitting 214 bpm on a sprint. If my heart feels like it's going to burst out of my chest- might be time to back off a bit. Same with cadence- if they're pulling away from me- I'm not pedalling fast enough am I?