04 January, 2011

A New Year's Revolution

Happy New Year to all

I hope you saw out 2010 in your favourite way on the weekend. Dee and I had a quiet evening at home with a few glasses of bubbly, a feed of prawns and a favourite from the old country, oatmeal brown bread. I don't think I have had that particular type of bread for probably 15 or 18 years. And nothing beats fresh home-made bread just out of the oven. I know, I know- I shouldn't eat so much bread but sometimes you just have to reward yourself.

I suppose I could have made a New Year's resolution to cut down on this, that or the other- but I've never been one much for New Year resolutions. And I reckon that the amount of cycling we do allows us to eat just about whatever we want (within reason of course- I mean, I don't think I would eat a bucket of fried chicken anytime).

So instead I have my New Year's Revolution- wherein I will make every effort to turn as many revolutions of my pedals as often as circumstances allow. And if the weather cooperates, I'm hoping that will be quite often.

And thanks Terry for the botany/Latin lesson. I took my name BoaB from the "Bloke on a Bike" component of my blog title with the realisation that there are boab trees in Australia. On this morning's ride, Terry gave me the Latin name for the boab- Adansonia gregorii. Named after one of Australia's early explorers, Augustus Gregory. (Link from the Australian Dictionary of Biography)

Cheers-ride safe


Trevor Woodford said...

I like your idea of a New Year Revolution - it is certainly what I am planning this year.
I wish you well with it...!!

BoaB said...

Thanks Trevor. Best wishes for 2011. Looks like your cricket team has given the poor Aussies a bit of a lesson in the gentleman's game.