09 December, 2010

Mobile Posting

Okay- first go round posting remotely via the BlackBerry. Had a pretty good ride this morning and the weather was a little more comfortable as well. The temp was about 25C when I headed out and the humidity had eased back to around 70%. Just over 53km on the day with a max speed of just over 52km\hour and an average of just under 30- we hit almost every red light possible I think.
I can't seem to find how to insert my pictures via the B'Berry so I think I might have to edit this from the laptop at home.

Okay I had to succumb and upload the photos to the laptop- I'll figure it out yet.....

Cheers- ride safe

The former Queen's Hotel on The Strand. Not sure what it's used for now- it was a television station up until a few years ago.

The Anzac Memorial Fountain and Park

Looking back over Wickham Terrace toward Flinders Street

Old Customs House on The Strand


Groover said...

Hey BoaB, I also tried mobile blogging recently for the first time and received a comment from Wheeldancer on my post explaining about how to upload photos. You basically have to enable mobile blogging in the blogger settings and then you can email the photos to blogger. Please read the exact instructions from Wheeldancer if you are interested.

P.S. What happened to our game? Did I win? :-) Re-match?

BoaB said...

Thanks for that Groover- I will have a look at the instructions and see if my poor addled mind can get the mobile photo upload to work. And I didn't want to gloat on my victory and interfere with your bonding with the Peacemaker.
Better have the rematch for best out of three.....=8^)

Dee said...

I am always amazed at how thinks look thru the lens. That Wickham terrace shot is fantastic. What a pretty place we live in!