27 October, 2010

Does it get better????,,

A new beginning:

Almost a fortnight ago I accepted a redundancy and joined the ranks of the unemployed. I had grown jaded and disaffected in my role. Moving from secondment to secondment and seeing the focus of various business units moving away from our core business focus to new, enlightened "targets on the horizon for the next 10 years". Finally I decided I had had enough.....

After making the decision to part ways with the company with which I have spent the longest, continuous employment in my life- it was like the world had been lifted from Atlas' shoulders. It had been fully 18 months since I have had the fully restful sleep that I (and vicariously Dee and Rusty) have enjoyed for the past two weeks.

Morning rides have not been constrained by the requirement to be at my desk by 7:15 such that I can now complete a circuit, and have a "well-earned caffeine fix" with the other cyclists in town. Tuesday just-past, I even sat in on a group ride- something I have not done, aside from weekend social rides, in almost two years.

And I surprised myself. When you ride on your own for considerable periods, it becomes difficult to gauge your performance vis-a-vis other cyclists. So Tuesday I headed out with a group of about 30- took a couple of good pulls on the front and managed to hold pace at about 37 km/hr. Coffee afterwards was most enjoyable but we'll just have to see if I can back it up again on Thursday.

It also provides the opportunity for a ride at different times of the day. Monday was a ride to the dam at 10:30 in the morning- a chance to have a bit of a lung busting ride mid-morning. It was really enjoyable and a memory I'll not soon set aside.

So I'll keep riding early in the mornings and catching up on chores (Dee does have a list- of sorts) around the house and luxuriating in this brief interlude in employment. And you know what?? Painting really is a restful thing to do............

Cheers- ride safe



Theresa said...

Congratulations on your unemployment! It's great that you are enjoying it!

BoaB said...

Thanks Theresa. It is a welcome break-, but soon enough it will be back into the workforce.

Ant said...

Congratulations mate - it's a great feeling sacking the boss - so make sure you enjoy it!

Work will come again soon enough - don't rush it. Enjoy the sleep ins, morning rides, and weekday coffees. You can't have too many of them.

Bluenoser said...


It's like you and I move in this other plane... You know I had also have become redundant and am loving it.

Our lives have moved along on a parallel for a long time with out ever meeting.

Some day we will and it will be great.


BoaB said...

Thanks Ant
I'm enjoying it- I don't really do the sleep-in thing but I am getting much better sleep through the night. And those post-ride coffees taste much better than the Moccona at my desk.

Yes B- as we used to say, "I think we were twin sons of different mothers." Although I guess nowadays with invitro fertilisation and all, that's probably not impossible.

And I look forward to our meeting- In which hemisphere will that meeting take place?