30 August, 2010

Pasta Night

Any night can be "Pasta Night" but since I'm on leave this week and planning to get a few good early morning rides in (ones where I can actually go for a coffee instead of peeling off to get ready for work) I thought we should have a bit of pasta.

So I have churned out a batch of tagliatelle (it would have been fettuccine except I used eggs) with the assistance of Dee and in moments we will be cooking up some scallops, silver beet (Swiss chard in the other hemisphere), dill, garlic, basil and lemon which will be stirred through the fresh pasta (with a bit of parmesan and freshly ground black pepper from Silkwood which is a couple of hundred km's north of us). I can hardly wait- should be good for 80 km or so in the morning.

And we'll watch last night's stage of the Vuelta......

Bon appetit!!!


Ant said...


New and exciting use for silverbeet - I love the stuff, but never ever thought of doing that!

Groover said...

My mouth is watering ... shame we are about 1,400 km away ... or lucky for you ... LOL