31 October, 2009

Turn the water on, turn the water off....

A cool breeze just blew across my feet- it preceded a nice heavy shower. The first decent bit of rain we've had this month. Should I run outside and turn off the sprinkler or leave it on? I think I'll leave it on- looks to be pretty short-lived.

It's probably a good thing we're home from our ride- the first rains seem to turn our poor drivers into absolutely appalling ones.

All of that oil and road grime and dust comes to the surface in a lovely mix that could make half the world slide away. Do the drivers slow down? Nope- business as usual and when one (or more) of them has an accident, invariably the media reports say that rain caused the accident.

There goes one of the pinheads now past the house- thankfully no crash. I really hate the mess these accidents leave behind.

Tomorrow is crit day and I'm hoping that the after-race results are better than last time when I ended up with bronchitis. According to Bluenoser, we just don't know when to stop cycling- not like when we lived in Canada where the snow would definitely put a stop to makin' the wheels go round. We just cycle and cycle and race and cycle and maybe we do stretch ourselves a bit- but we just can't help it.

I think I better go move the sprinkler....

Cheers- ride safe


Bluenoser said...

Well BoaB,

I have to admit. I had one too many Blues and was feeling extremely jealous, being laid up and all. But you have to admit you guys because of your no seasons other than fire season and non fire season have no reason to stop riding.

Now it would be a good thing if say half the miles you did were... la la la, easy miles, but no... Australians for some reason seem to think, we have to go hell bent for leather all the time. More is better and if more is better then I better do some more.

The blogs I read from down under and they are usually... sick as a dog... trained 1000k this week... don't know why when I went to the crit this week I could only do 140 k/phr... everybody complained because I was getting phlem all over them... and I'm only 87 years old... what's it going to be like when I'm 120 and I can only ride 30,000k a year...



BoaB said...

I hear ya B

I usually try to have at least one easy ride per week- our Saturday coffee ride. We do throw a bit of a sprint in but really it's a social ride and we DON'T GENERALLY GO ABOVE 30-32 (bl**dy caps lock!!).

Besides I've got a lot of years I have to make up for when I wasn't cycling so I have to get in those extra km's.

Take care, get well soon and keep those sausage themed blogs coming.