02 April, 2009


Well I'm glad I got my flu shot last week- I'd hate to think how sick I'd have been without it. I know it's not fair to compare apples and oranges- I had a flu shot and I now have a lovely head cold. My nose alternates between feeling like it has been packed full of Crisco shortening and being the "source" for Nickolodeon slime. Those source moments are usually announced by a strong tickle at the back of my throat and nose and then a wonkin' great sneeze.

If I'm fortunate enough to get a kleenex in situ before the sneeze it's not so bad- if I don't and have to use my hand- well, you get the picture I think. This could seriously cramp my race plans for Sunday- or it really could work to my advantage. If I sneeze and hack a few times before the race as everyone is warming up, then I can jump to the front real quickly, nobody will dare get close to me for fear of a "spray".
Or they might jump from the start hoping to get clear so they don't have to ride in my slip"pery" stream as it were.

Oh and the results from last week's race were not as favourable as I had thought (and Dee concurred). I ended up with 11th but I'm still not certain just how that worked. Perhaps someone can explain this from a commissaire's point of view.  

We started the race with 15 riders. After about 7 laps I was dropped from the lead group but stayed ahead of the chasing group. The lead group did lap me on the second last lap but the chasing group must have been lapped as well because none of them overtook me from the point I was dropped.

Now, there were 6 riders in the lead group and 5 riders in the following group- two riders have withdrawn due to a mechanical failure of one bloke's handlebars and poor conditioning I think would best categorise the other- myself and another rider who I have lapped. I was never caught by the following group of 5 but yet I ended up finishing below 4 of them.  "HELP!!"

Anyway, such is the lot of the weekend racer.

Cheers, ride safe


Groover said...

Sounds like the commissaires took their eyes off the race and made a mistake. If you didn't get overtaken by the chasers then you clearly finished ahead of them. It happened to me a couple of years ago in the crit in the Tour de Tablelands, too. I got overtaken by the lead group but not by the chasers but they gave me two laps down instead of one. I complaint and even had the support of other racers who finished behind me and knew it but the commissaires wouldn't change the result. Tough luck. At least in your mind you know that you raced better than the result shows.

BoaB said...

Thanks Groover, I guess, as they say, "that's the way the cookie crumbles." Gibt es etwas gleich aus Deutsch?

Although it's hard sometimes, we just have to accept the umpire's decision and move on. And after all, we wouldn't have much racing without all of the great efforts put in by our race officials.